Korean Chicken Wings with Soy Ginger Glaze

Okay. So, as far as I’m concerned, a girl cannot have enough chicken wing recipes. I’m a wing kind of girl. Turkey at Thanksgiving? No, thanks — I’ll just take the wing. Slices of roast chicken? Nope — just the wings please. Every new recipe I find becomes my new fave. This is lipsmacking duh-duh-duhLIOCIOUS!

These are wonderful — super crispy and snappy because of the dredging in Wondra flour that I haven’t used since the 1980’s — and my new favorite sauce–intense, gingery, and spicy. I poured it over my first three or four wings — and it just kind of sapped the crispness out of them. My suggestion: use it as a dipping sauce.

2-3 lbs chicken wings (tips discarded, and wings cut at the joints-washed and patted dry)
1 cup of Wondra flour
1 tsp salt
1 tsp pepper

Soy Ginger Glaze
1 cup water
1 cup thinly sliced ginger
3 tbsp soy sauce
1/2 cup brown sugar
1/4 cup vinegar
2 tbsp honey or corn syrup
1-2 tbsp garlic chile sauce
optional: 1/4 cup toasted sesame seeds

First prep the chicken wings, wash, and pat dry with paper towel. In a mixing bowl, combine about 1 cup of Wondra flour, salt, and pepper. Dredge the chicken wings in the flour mixture to get a fine light coat.

Heat some cooking oil in a deep fryer or a deep frying pan to about 350 degrees. Fry chicken wings, in batches if necessary, about 5 min. Remove, place on a rack and allow to cool.

Now in a small saucepan, add the water, ginger, soy sauce, vinegar, chile, sugar and bring to boil. Then add the honey/corn syrup and reduce by half and it will be a thick maple syrup like consistency and set aside.

Re-fry the wings until crispy golden brown, about another 5-8 minutes. Drain on frying rack or paper towels. Dredge or brush on the soy ginger glaze. We also like to finish with some toasted sesame seeds on top.

from one of my favorite blogs: The Ravenous Couple — complete deliciousness in wonderful Asian recipes

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